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Imagine being actively involved in solving South Africa's youth unemployment crisis.

About Us

The vision of E3 is to create a new South Africa of engaged citizens who are prepared through the school system to build the economic engine of this country.  

Why You Should Join Us

We invite YOU to work with us to help develop and produce engaged and motivated youth by driving the use of active learning in the classroom. We invite YOU to help us foster future nation-builders and help solve the problem of unemployment through new ways of teaching that dissolves fixed mindsets and makes way for solution-seeking and growth mindsets. Through working together, we can help ensure that learners are better prepared for life after school, whether their future plans include studying further, being employed in the workplace or establishing their own enterprises.

A Big Thanks

The 2021 Grade R classes who have started with Project-based Learning will be the first to go through their entire school years engaged in active learning processes, and will be the first generation of Project-based Learning graduates.  Thank you, from the current and future learners in South Africa, for being part of this initiative, and doing your part to bring positive change to education!   

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